Calcium Speedy

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Calcium Speedy greases are high quality multi-purpose greases based on high viscosity index mineral oil and a calcium soap thickener. They contain anti-wear, anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion additives to enhance their performance in a

wide range of applications. High resistance to water wash-out, appropriate anti-wear performance, friction reduction and good structure stability against successive temperature variations are among its various features and benefits.


K00 C-20

DIN 51502

K0 C-20

DIN 51502

K1 C-20

DIN 51502

K2 C-20

DIN 51502

K3 C-20

DIN 51502



اطلاعات تکميلي

  • موارد کاربرد:


    General lubrication under moderate load

    Plain and rolling bearings operating under moderate load, with poor sealing, and/or exposed to external contaminants

    Axle, wheel bearing and universal joint of heavy and light vehicles

    Electric motor bearings under moderate load

    Operating temperature range between -20 to +60 oC


  • مزایا:

    Features & Benefits

    ·  High resistance to water wash-out

    ·  Appropriate anti-wear performance

    ·  Friction reduction

    ·  Usability in different ways

    Good structure stability against successive temperature variations

  • بسته بندی و انبارداری:


    ·  plastic container, 0.5 kg

    ·  plastic container, 1  kg

    ·  plastic container, 5  kg

    ·  plastic container, 7  lb

    ·  plastic container, 35  lb

    ·  Drum (208 lit)


    ·  Storing lubricants preferably indoor and if not possible, outdoor under cover away from direct sun light and rain and snow falls will maximize lubricant life time.

    ·  Avoid temperature fluctuations, maintaining storage temperature around 25 ℃ will be of great help to lubricant quality protection.

    ·  This product is stable in ambient conditions, non-corrosive and can be stored in mild steel containers.


Safety, Health and Environment

  • This product is stable in ambient conditions and is practically non-irritating to skin and eyes.
  • Avoid prolonged and repeated skin contact with used lubricants.
  • In case of skin contact, wash with soap and water
  • Avoid environmental pollution. Return used lubricants to collection centers.