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SN 150 by Sepahan Oil Company is a base oil at upper end of the specifications for Grade I base oils which has undergone solvent refining and dewaxing processes. It offers broad blending coverage with performance capabilities in a broad range of lubricant applications including marine, automotive and industrial applications. SN 150 is available for sale in bulk and various packages including drum, flexi-tank and IBC.

اطلاعات تکميلي

  • موارد کاربرد:


    Gasoline and diesel engine oils

    Bi-fuel and gas engine oils

    Industrial lubricants

    Grease and special products

  • مزایا:

    Features & Benefits

    Stable characteristics during operation

    Light color

    Appropriate thermal and oxidation stability

    Low volatility

    Excellent viscosity stability

    Appropriate VI

    High flash point

    Low TAN

  • بسته بندی و انبارداری:



    Drum (208 lit)




    Storing lubricants preferably indoor and if not possible, outdoor under cover away from direct sun light, rain and snow falls will maximize lubricant life time.Avoid temperature fluctuations, maintaining storage temperature around 25 ℃ will be of great help to lubricant quality protection.This product is stable in ambient conditions, non-corrosive and can be stored in mild steel containers


Safety, Health and Environment


  • This product is stable in ambient conditions and is practically non-irritating to skin and eyes.
  • Avoid prolonged and repeated skin contact with used oil.
  • In case of skin contact, wash with soap and water.
  • Avoid environmental pollution. Return used oil to collection centers.




 Test Method



 C & B




 Max 1

 ASTM D-1500




 ASTM D-4052


Density at 15°C


 ASTM D-445

 mm2/s (cSt)

Kinematic viscosity at 100°C

 Min 90

 ASTM D-2270


Viscosity index

 Min 200

 ASTM D-92


Flash point

Max -6



Pour point

 Max 15


 wt % 

Noack at 250°C