Sepahan Oil Company (SOC) is the largest producer of Group I Base Oil in the Middle East with a production capacity of 400,000 metric tons of base stocks. The company's refinery is located in Isfahan city, the capital of Isfahan province in central Iran. A quick look at the map shows the accessibility of the city to all provinces around the country, which gives SOC great potential in selling different kinds of Lubricants in Iranian domestic market. Sepahan Oil Company has straightly focused on new markets for products.
Traditionally from getting started, the products have been exported to neighbor markets such as Pakistan, Turkey, UAE and Persian Gulf distributers but, actually company seeking for new customers in new markets. As a near future aim, we are focusing on expanding our downstream and domestic market share on all type of lubricants by penetrating in different industries in and out of the country.We also have good facilities for producing new products in our refinery. In the same path, we have some brilliant ideas for producing the products which the world will face shortage of them in near future.
Sepahan Oil Refinery started its activity as a unit of Isfahan Refinery in 1992. The refining unit at the beginning of  September 1999 as a joint-stock company under the name of Esfahan Oil Refining Company  was established  under the number 155078 dated 1999.09.23 and it was registered in Tehran Companies Registration Office and industrial property .Also in accordance with paragraph (c) Note 10 of budget 2000, in line with decisions of committee demands payment fund it was decided that the company as Oil refineries factory of Isfahan be transferred to Pension funds, savings and prosperity of the oil industry workers. Read more
New SOC Brand

To be up to date with the latest technology; To follow development trends of the "Speedy", Show the improvements in the products' quality, Sepahan Oil Company (SOC), Has made some changes in the logo and packing of the products of the "Speedy".
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